Resisting the urge to ‘get into’ wine
We don’t want to overthink wine the way we overthink beer. But it's getting harder to resist the temptation to take notice, and take notes.
A Guide to Coffee (and Coffee Beer) for Homebrewers
Learn how to roast coffee at home, find out the best way to brew coffee bound for beer, and browse through coffee beer recipes.
Guinness Opens Second US Brewery in Chicago
Diageo-owned Guinness will open the Guinness Open Gate Brewery in Chicago today. The facility is housed in a 15,000 sq. ft. old railway depot and in addition to the 10-barrel brewery it will includ…
Molson Coors loses bid for retrial in $56 mln Stone Brewing
More than 20-year-old assumption about beer aroma disproved
Hops-derived constituents not only increase shelf-life and bitterness of beer, but can also significantly influence aroma. An important hop odorant is linalool, which has a floral and citrus-like…
Reap What You Sow — Following the Hop Harvest in Kent, England
“It’s not a job, it’s a way of life,” says Hukins Hops’ garden manager, Nathan Newick, as he steps away from the whir of the hop-picking machine. Today is a busy harvest day at one of the area’s…
Kansas City's 'BOOlevard' brews up fun for Halloween - KCTV
Kansas City's Boulevard Brewery announces a new Halloween event called "BOOlevard" with other fall events taking place before Oct. 24, 2023.
Another one of Wichita's big beer festivals returns this weekend, mechanical bull and all
Sep. 28—Another one of Wichita's big annual beer festivals is coming back for another year, and this time, it'll include brewers on a bucking mechanical bull.
It’s Final – Molson Coors Owes Stone Brewing $56M in Trademark Dispute
In a legal dispute that dates back to 2018, a judge has denied a request for a retrial, making it final that Molson Coors must pay Stone Brewing $56 million for violating Stone’s trademark when usi…
Let’s take a look at California Wild Ales new Point Loma brewery and taproom
At first, California Wild Ales found its niche in the craft beer capital of San Diego by exclusively focusing on fantastically funky barrel-aged sour beers. The craft brand’s signature sours are aged…
Craft beer marketing idea of the week: the DelaWeAre collaboration
Shoutout to the Delaware Brewers Guild and its awesomely named statewide collaboration campaign, DelaWeAre, which is returning this Fall. This collab initiative helps grow the Delaware craft brewing…
The 2000 year old bastion of British culture, strange and unusual beer facts and trivia
There are few things that we enjoy in Britain as much as pub quizzes and beer, but what happens when you combine the two? You get the sort of trivia
A short history of the King’s Walden brewery
Frederick William Fellowes was born in Beighton, between Norwich and Yarmouth in Norfolk, in 1856, one of the 10 children of the Reverend Thomas Lyon Fellowes. Several of his brothers, like their…
Colorado Breweries Who Won Big at the 2023 GABF Competition
Find out which breweries from the Centennial state of Colorado took home the biggest honors at the 2023 Great American Beer Festival.
Alcohol Free Beer Brand Days Now Bigger Than Coca Cola on TikTok
After reacting to the Tube Girl trend on TikTok last week, UK based alcohol-free beer brand Days has had 20m views and is now more liked on TikTok than Coca Cola – the most popular beverage brand in…
2023 GABF Awards: 263 Breweries Awarded, Ohio’s Third Eye Brewing Takes Home Most Medals
More than 260 breweries were awarded medals Saturday in Denver at the Great American Beer Festival (GABF). The Brewers Association (BA) gave out 303 medals to 263 breweries in the 37th year of the…
Oktoberfest brings opportunities for U.S. on-premise, report shows
With the price of Oktoberfest brews higher than other beers, Oktoberfest beers, festivities bring big sales opportunities that many operators can capitalize on.
Does Beer Expire? Here's What an Expert Says
Find out if beer has an expiration date, what to look for in expired beer, and other tips for keeping beer fresh and flavorful from Master Cicerone Neil Witte.
What is Oktoberfest—and why is it actually in September?
Beer. Brats. Lederhosen. Every September, Munich hosts the largest folk festival in the world. Here’s how the tradition got started.
What can you make with half a million pounds of Kernza? Try beer
"You actually can find Kernza turning up in breads, crackers, cereals and flours . . ."
Molson Coors (TAP) Focuses on Beyond Beer: Stock to Gain?
Molson Coors (TAP) is poised to gain momentum, thanks to its focus on the Beyond Beer approach. Its Revitalization and Premiumization plans also hold promise.
Six Longtime Attendees Reflect on the Evolution of the Great American Beer Festival
The fest, which takes place this weekend, got its start in 1982 and has changed a lot since those days.
Report: Kansans love whiskey
KANSAS (KSNT) – A recent report from Toast, a restaurant point-of-sale management system, found Kansas drank more whiskey than any other state in Q2 2023. In a recent report reviewing trends …
More Highlights From The 2023 Great American Beer Festival Competition
The 2022 Great American Beer Festival competition awarded 303 medals to the best commercial brew...
Beer Alert: New Oktoberfest Seasonals And Imperial Pumpkin Ales
Fall is just around the corner and American craft brewers are addressing things with intriguing ...
Blue Moon Gets New Look As Craft Beer Sales Slow
Many argue that Blue Moon isn’t a craft beer to begin with, since it’s owned by Molson Coors. Bu...
Ohio Breweries Win Big At 2023 Great American Beer Festival
Ohio ruled at this year’s Great American Beer Festival setting a new state record for the number...
The 2023 Great American Beer Festival Competition Winners
A win at the Great American Beer Festival competition is a BIG deal. Taking a gold, silver or br...
Boulevard Brewery hosting 6k in support of women’s sports
Kansas City non-profit WIN for KC and Boulevard Brewery is hosting their second annual BLVD Revel run on Saturday, Sep. 30.
Cork man lands job as Aldi Ireland's Official Beer Taster
5-Minute Guide to Pairing Food With Oktoberfest Beers
We’ve said it many times, but it bears repeating: We love this time of year. The NFL season started less than two weeks ago (see what beer style we think
Cask - the real story of Britain's unique beer culture by Des De Moor
A new book about cask beer, the pinnacle of the brewing art, what's not to like? And yet despite my love of cask beer I must confess I had c...
New Zero-Alcohol Beer In UK Delivers Unique Buzz
Some of us will never embrace alcohol-free beers, we’re too attached to its buzz. But now there’...
Bottled-in-Bond Whiskey Distilled from Unfiltered Wheat Mash – a Brewer/Distiller Alliance collaboration. - Boulevard Brewing Company
Almost a hundred years before Boulevard brewed its first batch of Unfiltered Wheat, the U.S. government enacted its first consumer protection law with the Bottled-in-Bond Act of 1897. The late 1800’s…
Why AMC is eyeing 'Ape'-branded beer and wine after its big popcorn push
By James Rogers
Top 7 Irish CRAFT BEERS that will blow your mind