Does Coffee Beer Contain Real Coffee?
It seems logical that someone would try to combine coffee and beer into an exquisite beverage. But the question remains if coffee beer contains actual coffee.
Beer Fans Move To Both Cheaper And More Expensive Brands At Molson Coors
On August 2, Molson Coors announced its second quarter earnings and during a call with sharehold...
The strange story of Guinness’s brewery, Melbourne
Less than two years after Arthur Guinness took over the lease of the St James’s Gate brewery in Dublin, in May 1761, aged 37 or so, he married Olivia Whitmore, a young lady “of distingu…
Yes, in fact, Oregon and Washington hops are different
A recently released report confirms what brewers have always known. Hops are impacted by terroir. How might this impact consumers?
NZ Hops is developing the future of New Zealand hops with the help of 20 U.S. breweries
The Bract Brewing Programme, created by NZ Hops Ltd., is a New Zealand-based hop breeding partnership that will select and develop entirely unique hop varietals over the next decade. These hops will…
Crackem app helps promote black-owned breweries at Barrel and Flow Fest
There are more than 9,000 small and independent craft beer breweries in the country, and less than 1% are Black owned. In support of small businesses and the black community, mobile app Crackem has…
What Would Beer Taste Like Without The Internet?
It’s not often that I find myself in the position of thinking that something someone else wrote requires rejoinder. However, as I took a break from doomscrolling last week, I happened across a piece…
Colorado’s Best Pilsners Blind Tasting Presented by On Tap Credit Union
We set out to identify Colorado’s Best Pilsners in the third installment of PorchDrinking's Colorado Blind Tasting series
The Wildest Flavored Beers and the Brewers Behind Them
It’s becoming increasingly popular for breweries to take food items like chocolate cake and add them directly to the beer-making process.
Prelude to a beer
This is a maypop flower. The picture was taken a couple of weeks ago at Scratch Brewing in southern Illinois and showed up in my email this week when I asked how this year’s “crop” is looking. Scra…
Coors Banquet Beer Expands Support For US Firefighters
The men and women who fight wildfires that plague America’s western states are often understaffe...
Exploring “The Future of Flavor” with Firestone Walker
In this short film, take a journey with Brewmaster Matt Brynildson as he connects with the people, innovations, and heritage behind the Yakima Valley hop harvest.
We Asked 14 Brewers: What Will Be the Next Big Hop?
With the recent surge in hop breeding, we asked 14 brewers across North America to pick the hop they think is poised to pop to the top.
How to Open a Wine Bottle Without a Corkscrew
Household items can be used to open a wine bottle if no corkscrew's handy. Learn the top five ways to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew.
Mexican Breweries Face Crisis In Drought-Ravaged North
Mexico is the world’s largest beer exporter and many of those big breweries our located in the N...
Does Beer Have Sugar In It?
We are often told that we should avoid sugary drinks if we want to stay healthy, but what about beer? Does beer have sugar in it? And if so, is that bad for
Regional growing environment impacts aroma of hops and the beers brewed with them, study finds
Hops of the same variety grown in Oregon and Washington and beers brewed with those hops have different chemical properties and aroma profiles, a new Oregon State University study found.
400-year-old Ecuadoran beer resurrected from yeast
Inside an old oak barrel, Ecuadoran bioengineer Javier Carvajal found the fungus of fortune: a 400-year-old yeast specimen that he has since managed to resurrect and use to reproduce what is believed…
Gearing Up to Brew Lager
Great lager depends upon exacting attention to details—and not only when it comes to fermentation, and conditioning. Here, we climb the decks of brewhouses specifically designed with lager in mind to…
Nightlife app enhances its flavor with Westport Bars, KC brewing company partnerships
A strategic partnership with Westport Bars is going to do more than drive partygoers to the UpDown Nightlife app, Joshua Lewis said; it will give the startup data needed to scale its platform…
Win $10,000 And Fall Sunset Getaway From Leinenkugel’s Beer
Leinenkugel’s is a Wisconsin brewery with six generations of family history that’s been brewing ...
Firestone Walker Oaktoberfest Returns for 2022
(Paso Robles, CA) –  Grab your stein and dust off your lederhosen as Firestone Walker’s fall classic is back with the 2022 edition of Oaktoberfest. As always, this latest release is an oak-inspired…
TOPO CHICO Hard Seltzer Raspados and a Chance to Win
Sick of froze, chardonnay, and canned cocktail concoctions? Reach for something cooler this August with these authentic raspado recipes made with Topo Chico Hard Seltzer.
Dish & Drink KC: Thai Orchid's papaya salad, a cold IPA collaboration .
Papaya salad at Thai Orchid. // Courtesy Thai Orchid Thai Orchid’s papaya salad Out with the green leafy salads and in with the savory fruits. Thai Orchid, a traditional Thai restaurant specializing…
Josh Miller of Narrow Gauge Brewing Co. aims to help everyone enjoy craft beer
Narrow Gauge Brewing Co. frequently collaborates with other breweries to offer stouts, IPAs and lagers.
How You Can Get Paid $10,000 To Drink Beer And Watch The Sunset
With the final countdown of summer upon us, you might be feeling a bit down. But, if you love beer, you can get paid $10,000 to drink it while the sun sets.
The Beery News Notes For The Thursday
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“The Tappening” set for Saturday, October 22nd in Dubuque!
The Tappening is a celebration of premier craft beers and their master’s from around the Midwest, State of Iowa, and the tri-state area. Held in conjunction with “Boos’ and Brews” weekend, The Tapp…
No Driving Needed: Let These City Brew Tours Take You On A Brewery Tour
Boston Brew Tours offers visitors to the city a chance to partake in a fully guided and all-inclusive tour of Boston’s finest breweries.
Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co. Called the World's Best New Brewery
Waste Not, Want Not: A Guide to Zero Waste Beer Events
Learn how to plan, execute, and celebrate with less waste at your next event from this sustainability resource on zero waste beer events.
Public agree that cider should contain more apple juice
Members of the public have given overwhelming support to a call to change the rules on the minimum amount of juice required to be in a pint of cider
Carbon Dioxide Causing Chaos For Beer Breweries
A carbon dioxide shortage is wreaking havoc on the beer brewing industry. What caused the carbon dioxide shortage?
Heineken’s event-driven architecture key to becoming a connected brewer
Twin combination of move to SAP HANA and use of Solace EDA seen as crucial for achieving Heineken’s EverGreen digital transformation ambitions
AC Golden Brewing Marks 15 Years Of Experimental Beers
AC Golden Brewing, a special innovation brewery in Colorado that only uses locally sourced malts...
Latin America’s Oldest Beer Resurrected With 400-Year-Old Yeast
Ecuadoran bioengineer, brewer and professor, Javier Carvajal, has secured a “400-year-old yeast ...