8,000 green bottles … Carlsberg trials fibre beer containers
Brewer says wood- and plant-based design retains same ‘taste and fizziness’ as glass bottles
What Beer Pairs with Steak?
Is drinking a tall boy a rookie move when trying to enjoy a T-bone?
One Beer A Day Can Increase Diversity of Gut Bacteria in Males
A new study reveals that moderate consumption of lager beer, alcoholic or non-alcoholic, may positively impact the diversity of gut bacteria.
Britain's most expensive beer sets drinkers back £80.15 A PINT
Pub has only sold one bottle so far of the 18-month oak-aged sour brown ale
Stone Fallout – The Why and How of the Brewery that Would ‘Never Sell Out’
The sale of Stone Brewing to Sapporo U.S.A last week is without a doubt the biggest story of the year so far in the craft brewing industry. It has been a relatively quiet year news-wise in the beer…
Drinking Beer Might Help You Have a Healthier Gut, According to New Research
Discover how a daily beer or non-alcoholic beer affects gut health, per one small new Portuguese study. Drinking a beer may be linked to a healthier gut, but here's what really makes a difference if…
This Is the Right Way to Pour Beer and Avoid Belly Bloat (Watch Video)
Did you know that the way you pour your beer may be causing your belly bloat? Watch this video to learn the right way to pour.
The September 27, 1894 Public Tour of the "New" Hamm's Brewery by Matt Reicher
SAINT PAUL, MN - In the early afternoon of September 27, 1894, the people of Saint Paul were abuzz. The Hamm's Brewery, located above Swede Hollow, was holding a tour of its new brewing complex as…
The Future of Yeast
After revolutions in hop breeding and product development and micromalting, yeast is getting its moment in the sun. A proliferating number of yeast labs offer organic and genetically-modified strains…
Why So Many Breweries Are Built In Old Churches
Yuengling and American Eagle Foundation continue partnership to protect bald eagles
June 20 is American Eagle Day. Who knew? D.G. Yuengling & Son, Inc. knew. That’s who. In anticipation of American Eagle Day, Yuengling and friends announced they will continue a partnership with…
21 Essential Summer Beers You Need to Try
These summer beers feature a wide variety of styles that can quench your thirst while also tickling those taste buds.
Drink of the Summer: Matcha Martini, Dirty Shirley—or Beer?
As the warmest months pour thirsty patrons into bars and parties, a dominating, theme-setting drink tends to emerge as the clear favorite. But this year, the bar is wide open.
From cancer to diabetes: 5 ways beer could be beneficial for health
A recently study discovered that men who drink a bottle of beer every night with dinner had a healthier gut with a wide diversity of good bacteria that can safeguard against heart diseases and…
The Only Glasswear You Need For Your Home Bar
Not sure what to get for your home speakeasy? Here are the essentials.
Buoy Beer is canning and pouring brews again after partial building collapse
The company has opened a summer pop-up brewery in Astoria, and it's working with two Pacific Northwest canning companies to keep product on store shelves.
The 20 Highest-Rated Beers Halfway Through 2022
Unbelievably, with the July Fourth holiday just around the corner, we’ve somehow made it halfway through 2022. And although Untappd’s Year in Beer (our yearly roundup…
Holding 1,844 Beers PBR Has Once Again Created The World Largest Package Of Beer.
Going big again, PBR is dropping 250 of their latest creation, the 1844-pack on the market to drive summer beer sales.
Unfiltered: What to do when my head brewer leaves?
An anonymous poster with a 5 bbl brewpub in the CBP group asked for some advice on the best way to proceed after their head brewer put in their two weeks. To make matters worse, their two assistant…
Kirin to sell entire stake in military-linked beer venture in Myanmar
Kirin Holdings Co. says it has agreed to a buy out of its entire stake in a junta-linked joint venture in Myanmar, paving the way for the Japanese beverage maker to exit the Southeast Asian country's…
Why I Do Not Care What Beer Geeks Think About Hazy IPAs
Why I Do Not Care What Beer Geeks Think About Hazy IPAs BY LIZ COOK I live in a constant, low-grade fear of Beer People.  I’m not talking about brewers, mind you. Brewers have always been kind to me,…
Pouring Soon in KC
Pouring Soon in KC BY MARTIN CIZMAR Tall Trellis This taproom sandwiched between two large new housing developments in western Olathe is owned by Kansas hop farmers who wanted to diversify their…
The 10 Best-Selling Beers in America
Out of all the popular alcoholic beverages, beer is the preferred choice for Americans. According to Zippia, of the 63% of Americans who drink alcohol,
KC’s newest bourbon is also its oldest—here’s the story of Holladay Bourbon
Ben Holladay Bourbon is a handcrafted, small-batch bourbon, with each batch being pulled monthly from different barrels spread out on different floors of two seven-story rickhouses and blended by…
12 Things To Do This 4th of July Weekend In KC: June 30-July 4 2022
It's Fourth of July weekend—check out these 12 events happening in Kansas City this holiday weekend.
Local sour beers for your next party
Local Sour Beers for Your Next Party BY NATALIE TORRES GALLAGHER Summer barbecues mean coolers full of ice and drinks—and, too often, that one picky friend who isn’t interested in anything there. For…
In KC, BBQ and Beer Belong Together
Smokes and Suds In KC, BBQ and Beer Belong Together BY MARTIN CIZMAR It’s no secret that beer and barbecue are best buds. But it’s still surprising just how entwined the two scenes have gotten since…
Gut Check: Beer May Be Good For You
We understand that having a “beer gut” may not wear well on the beach, but a new study revealed ...
Why this Standout Pilsner is Kansas City's Beer of the Year
BEER OF THE YEAR Premiant Pilsner By Alma Mader BY LIZ COOK PHOTOGRAPHY BY CALEB CONDIT AND REBECCA NORDEN Nick Mader never wanted to be known for a single beer. When he and his wife, Tania…
Beer maker transforms brewing waste into denim jeans
A Japanese beer maker is using upcycling technology to turn waste products from the brewing process into blue jeans, winning the company new fans.
Your Thursday Beery News Notes For The Mid-Year Checkup
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Huge Beer Displays Hit Retail This 4th Of July
Summer is historically a peak period for beer sales. It’s also a time when Big Beer companies...
Beer Alert: Summer Blonde Ales And Lagers
July is almost here and American craft brewers are addressing things with a full slate of new be...
Why Drinking Only on the Weekends May Be Hurting Your Health, According to a New Study
All You Want to Know: Why Use Stainless Steel for Beer Fermentation
Photo from Unsplash Originally Posted On: https://tookindstudio.com/all-you-want-to-know-why-use-stainless-steel-for-beer-fermentation/
Infographic: Top Hops Going into 2022
Citra reigns, with Mosaic in ascendance. Here’s a visual look at the most-grown hops in the Pacific Northwest, and how they’ve changed in popularity over the past seven years.