Local brewery partners with Dream Factory to make special beer
Part of the proceeds benefit The Dream Factory of Greater Kansas City in its mission to help children
Hop Oils: Innovated for Beer—and Beyond
Brewing smarter while diversifying the portfolio is the bottom line for most brewers, and hop oils are the perfect tool for that approach. Here’s why.
Beer industry celebrates success of BEERS TO THAT campaign
The Beer Growth Initiative (BGI) announced the success and continued national expansion of the BEERS TO THAT consumer campaign. The campaign, launched by the Beer Institute (BI), the National Beer…
Which brewery is not like the others?
Here’s a game we used to play here 10 years ago, when people chatted in blog comments as often as on Twitter. Now it is a question asked more often on Twitter, but that takes a patience for followi…
RateBeer’s Top 100 Breweries In The World – 2020
In spite of the fallout that followed its 100% acquisition by AB InBev in 2019… RateBeer remains a p...
Beer Styles The Brewers Association Overlooked In Its 2021 Guideline Update
The Brewers Association just updated its official Beer Style Guidelines. But that doesn’t mean t...
Unnamed hops and why you should drink beers brewed with them
Tallgrass Cider celebrates the perennial nature of orchard-based cidermaking
John Knisley, co-founder and cidermaker at Tallgrass Cider in Madelia, Minnesota • Photo via Tallgrass Cider John Knisley
Celebrating Black History in Craft Beer
We highlight the contributions of Black individuals and communities to beer and brewing history, including those making history today.
High school science teacher-turned-brewer opening Chaotic Good Brewing Company in his backyard
Initiative Cream Ale from Chaotic Good Brewing Company in Kasson, Minnesota • Photo by Scott Stroh In a
Brewers Association Releases 2021 Beer Style Guidelines
Exclusive news and research on the wine, spirits and beer business
•For its fiscal fourth quarter 2020, the Boston Beer Company reported that depletions were up 26% for the quarter and 37% for the full year. The company attributed the growth to the continued success…
We Asked 12 Brewers: What's the Best Recent Collaboration Beer You've Had?
From pastry stouts to pub ales, here's what 12 beer experts picked for the best recent collaborations beers.
Scientists Advance Understanding of Hop Genome
Oregon State University and U.S. Department of Agriculture researchers have significantly expanded the understanding of the hop genome, a development with important implications for the brewing…
We tried Holidaily Brewing Company beers at a Virtual Tasting Event. Check out my review of these new beers coming to Kansas City.
We participated in a Virtual Tasting even, and here's what we tried.
Flying Dog's New Wheat Ale Improves the Environment
Big Brew 2021 - Star Gazer Hazy Double IPA - Beer Recipe
Everything You Need for a Socially Distanced St. Patrick's Day
Everything You Need for a Socially Distanced St. Patrick's Day
Denver’s New Beer Spa Offers Beer Therapy Paired with Self-Pour Beer & Wine
Set to open next week, The Beer Spa by Snug features ten self-serve taps powered by iPourIt technology DENVER, CO   (February 1...
From 'weird' to 'smelly': the non-alcoholic beer taste test
Australian sales of zero and very low alcohol beer have doubled in the past year – but are the brews enough to satisfy Guardian staffers’ thirsts?
Brewers Association Board of Directors Begins 2021 Term
The Brewers Association announced its 2021 board of directors, adding four new representatives to the 20-person board.
Know Your Craft: Spencer Trappist Brewery monks produce exciting beers from many traditions
Spencer’s beers are by no means basic, but they are clean, straightforward classic-styled beers.
Watch: Stone Brewing CEO Maria Stipp Discusses 2021 Opportunities
Five months after taking over as CEO of Stone Brewing, Maria Stipp joins Brewbound Frontlines to discuss the path forward for the top 10 craft brewery and the strategy for its Southern California…
Heineken Launches ‘Soccer Anytime’ Promotion
White Plains, NY – Soccer Anytime, by Heineken, is connecting soccer fans directly to the game through its MLS, UCL and Euro sponsorships. Beginning February 1st, fans can enjoy a cold Heineken while…
Hard Kombucha Makers Team Up to Drive Awareness of Emerging Segment
Ten hard kombucha makers are linking up to launch a national campaign to drive awareness and education of the emerging segment over the next five days in the lead up to “World Kombucha Day” on…
New Discoveries: 5000 year old beer and a "cold weather" gene
Here's what's trending this week in space and science.
Ohio man forgoes food for 46-day Lent 'beer diet'
An Ohio man is marking the Christian tradition of Lent by giving up solid foods for 46 days and getting the majority of his sustenance from beer.
Which Countries Have the World's Highest and Lowest Beer Prices?
A financial advice site crunched the numbers on both hotel lobby and supermarket beer prices around the globe.
What Will They Think Of Next? Freeze-Dried Astronaut Beer
Cincinnati's Urban Artifact craft brewery is launching products for the space age: sour beers called Astronaut Food brewed with freeze-dried fruit.
Scientist confirms “beer goggles” way more effective for men
Recently, Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki, a former NASA astronaut, took to TikTok to explain the “Facial Attractiveness Index,” which is commonly referred to more as “Beer Googles,” and how this sensation is…
Hoppy marriage: How craft beer and golf are bringing together two disparate cultures
At the happy intersection of golf and craft beer, brewers are introducing golfers to their offerings as golf-course owners make converts of beer lovers.
Holidaily Brewing. Gluten-Free beer coming to KC!!!!
Kansas City's source for craft beer info since 2007. Read about events, news, and more from local breweries and bars in the KC metro area.
Five Stouts Beloved by the Pros
Stouts are intrinsically tied to craft’s beyond-the-mainstream appeal. From dry and sweet sessionable stouts to big barrel-aged ones and adjunct-laden “dessert” stouts, there’s something for every…
World’s Oldest ‘Industrial-Scale’ Brewery Discovered in Egypt
Ancient remnants of a brewery, possibly the oldest ever uncovered, have been discovered in Abydos – an ancient burial ground in the desert.   The brewery is believed to date back to the First …
Missouri bill would permanently allow curbside cocktails
Cold IPA - a bigger, deeper definition of this "newish style IPA"